Lesson learned and recommendations for further support

There have not been any big surprises, but in some key areas, our understanding of the needs and challenges have been strengthened/confirmed:

  1. To secure sustainability there are three key factors:
    • Independent iHUBs based on local Private Public Partnerships;
    • No free services, partly payment on all services from day one;
    • Building local management capacity from day one.
  2. Great need of entrepreneurial services in smaller cities to reduce local “brain drain”.
  3. Great need of international oriented entrepreneurial services in larger cities to avoid “brain drain” out of Moldova.
  4. In general a great need of more market-oriented entrepreneurial mind-set and student trainings in universities.
  5. Great need of more commercial thinking and interdisciplinary teamwork to commercialize technology at universities and research institutes.
  6. A potential for increased business cooperation between Norway and Moldova by offering “soft-landing” services (guest office and basic services) in iHUB.