The main factors of Chisinau competitiveness are:

  • Advantageous geopolitical settlement (as the capital of the country) and geographical region of Chisinau in Carpathians and the Black Sea;
  • Transport corridors (including transit) evolving communications and information technologies;
  • Scientific potential and science-based services and the education system of the city; d. Industrial and construction potential in the recovery process;
  • Creation of the sector “business for business”, including banks and other financial institutions, information service organizations, staff training, activity exhibition etc;
  • Development of multidisciplinary social sphere;
  • Creative potential in culture and the arts, especially theater and music, folk traditions.

Chisinau Municipality is the largest and developed economic center of the country, with a considerable weight in the national economy. Currently the municipality are registered over 99 800 businesses. City provides over 45% of the republic’s GDP and over 60% of total taxes collected in the consolidated budget. After the calculated gross regional product per capita, the municipality is two times higher than the average in the country.

In the industrial sector of Chisinau are over 1,800 businesses. About 400 enterprises representing food industry, 180 enterprises – light industry, 380 enterprises – the engineering industry and metalworking, 126 enterprises – chemical, etc.