4 SF Investor Conference in Chisinau

4th SF Investor Conference in Chisinau was held today in iHUB premises. The following speakers took part: Steinar Hoel Korsmo, Seed Forum Global President; Octavian Calmîc, Vice-Prim Minister of Republic of Moldova; Vasile Botnari,ICT Minister ofl Republic of Moldova; Viorel Bostan, Technical University of Republic of Moldova; Sergiu Botezatu, Manager Senior USAID Moldova; Iulia Iabanji, Director ODIMM Moldova, implementator Seed Forum and Ana Chirița, implementator iHub Moldova

Six companies presented their investment case, namely: AVO Alex Cebotari; Baro Teo Scorpan; MTR Rosaura Sachez; Baby Moon Roman Gluk; Energy Solaris Ana Hajdeu and lion Transport Alexandru Vizir

MoU with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pridnestrovie is signed

Memorandum of Cooperation between Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pridnestrovie, Organisation for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector and Seed Forum Norway Foundation was signed today. Parties agreed to support development of small innovative businesses and the creation of modern innovation infrastructure, improve innovation potential of Moldova and Pridnestrovie.


Second Seed Forum in Chisinau

Second SF Conference in Chisinau was organized on 9 November 2015. In total 33 participants took part.

The preparation for the second SF process started in September 2015 with the nomination process. In total 28 companies registered for the Pitch Training and 19 companies attended SF Pitch Training held on 7 October 2015. The best 7 were selected and presented their investment cases on the SF Investor Conference, namely Vintage, QSystems, Fentura, Fithero, WebTB, iSholars, Lavielace.

First Seed Forum in Chisinau

The first Seed Forum Investors Conference was held today in Chisinau. In total 68 participants took part at the event. The preparation for the first SF process already started in March 2015, with the nomination of 20 companies. Out of them 12 were selected for the SF Pitch Training held on 19 May 2015. The best 4 companies presented their investment case on SF Investor Conference.

ACCESS Moldova is launched!

The Access to Finance in Moldova – ACCESS Project was launched on 1st February 2015. The project’s development goal is to support start-ups and SMEs to access external equity and venture capital. The project purpose is to establish an interplaying mix of instruments to improve access to finance for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Moldova.