Preparation of the Feasibility Study for iHUB Chisinau establishment

The main objective of the study was to establish an overview and analysis of the development in Moldova and specifically, to explore the feasibility of setting up and growing an iHUB in Chisinau city for start-ups with high-growth potential. iHUB will respond to local needs, and its operations will be based on local strengths.

Preparation of the Business Plan for the iHUB Chisinau

Business Plan for the iHUB Chisinau operationalization has been prepared.

Establishment of the Seed Forum Moldova Foundation

Paper work is finalised and the Seed Forum Moldova Foundation has been registered beginning of March 2016. The project team considered two persons to appoint as a Seed Forum Manager. The final decision is made and Ms. Ana Chirița, Executive Director, of the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies is appointed Manager of SF Moldova Foundation.

Establishment of iHUBs in Chisinau

To secure economic sustainability ACCESS applied Seed Forum’s Private Public Partnership (PPP) model, where local partners contribute with premises free of charge for certain period of time. When PPP-agreements are established with cities, Universities, etc. the process has to be transparent and to secure long-term commitment from the local public partner.

The following criteria for selection of the building selection were discussed, agreed and applied throughout the selection process: 1) Available size; 2) Availability and contract terms; 3) Internal infrastructure; 4) Internal working environment; 5) Availability of parking; 6) Flexibility to adjust the size of the premises; 7) Availability of shared facilities and 8) Location in the City center.

The adequate premises have been identified. MoU with the Technical University of Moldova has been signed on the 25 January 2016 and the University allocated its premises free of charge for the iHUB purposes. The attractive location is located in a very center of Chisinau.

In order to provide the vast IT community of Moldova with a platform, where they can advance their skills, learn how to create and successfully grow an IT startup, find like-minded friends and potential partners all in one place, iHUB Chisinau was opened in the heart of the city in partnership with the Technical University of Moldova on 28 September 2016. The centre for development of innovation and entrepreneurship will provide comfortable workplace, practical education from industry experts and a vibrant community of some most innovative minds in the country

Management of iHUBs will follow the guidelines and instructions stated in a developed “iHUB Management Manual” (integral part of the Seed Forum approach/system).

Operationalisation of the iHUB in Chisinau

iHUB Chisinau has an appointed Manager and the support team. It iHUB Chisinau has capacity to host 80 people. It consists of 3 working rooms with capacity of 60 fixed desks and 20 flex desks, a conference room with capacity to host 80 people, a lounge with capacity to host 80 people and a meeting room with capacity of 30 people.